Almost Went Bankrupt

bankrupt-fertilityI started my own real estate company 10 years ago.  My company was doing very well, I hired 2 agents to work with me and an office assistant to take care of our calls during the time we were not in the office.

At the time our company was successful and it seemed like we were unstoppable.


I went back to school to get a masters degree in real estate.  Cash was flowing constantly and clients were coming in with no problem. Five years ago everything changed, we went from having a profitable business to having more expenses than income, I had to let go of my assistant.  The following years was worse we lost 80% of our clients and I had no choice but to let go of my agents.

I tried everything to stay afloat including working at home to save money in rent. I also contacted to discuss my legal and financial options and if I should file for Bankruptcy!


It made the situation even more difficult for me, as the few clients I had left didn’t find it was professional to have a meeting in the same room my 16 month old daughter was playing with her purple pony toy.  Right now I am desperate, I am a single mom with a 16 month old baby girl, a home mortgage, a car payment, credit cards debt and a student loan.  My business is completely over as I don’t have any more clients and I don’t even have an office.
I am desperate I had no other choice but to face bankruptcy. I will be taking care of it here in Los Angeles.