Almost Went Bankrupt

bankrupt-fertilityI started my own real estate company 10 years ago.  My company was doing very well, I hired 2 agents to work with me and an office assistant to take care of our calls during the time we were not in the office.

At the time our company was successful and it seemed like we were unstoppable.


I went back to school to get a masters degree in real estate.  Cash was flowing constantly and clients were coming in with no problem. Five years ago everything changed, we went from having a profitable business to having more expenses than income, I had to let go of my assistant.  The following years was worse we lost 80% of our clients and I had no choice but to let go of my agents.

I tried everything to stay afloat including working at home to save money in rent. I also contacted to discuss my legal and financial options and if I should file for Bankruptcy!


It made the situation even more difficult for me, as the few clients I had left didn’t find it was professional to have a meeting in the same room my 16 month old daughter was playing with her purple pony toy.  Right now I am desperate, I am a single mom with a 16 month old baby girl, a home mortgage, a car payment, credit cards debt and a student loan.  My business is completely over as I don’t have any more clients and I don’t even have an office.
I am desperate I had no other choice but to face bankruptcy. I will be taking care of it here in Los Angeles.

My Infertility Experience

infertility mothers

Hi my name is Lana and this is my story:


I am the youngest of three brothers and sisters, we grew up in a big busy city surrounded by lots of activities and we all have many life projects to fill up.  I finished college and obtained my degree in computer science when I was 26 years old.  I had plenty of friends as well as projects and dreams to conquer.


My husband and I met at work when I was 38 years old.  Most amazing man I’ve ever known! We fell in love and got married but by then I was already 42 years old.  Being aware of our age we realized there was no time to spare and that we had to try to get pregnant right away.


We tried to get pregnant for one full year using every ovulation kit there is, we also took vacations to relax and to avoid the stress of our busy schedules, we changed our eating habits and avoid anything that we didn’t think it was safe for a possible pregnancy including caffeine, not even one cup.


It wasn’t that easy but we both ate a super healthy organic diet to boost our chances of conception, and even tried yoga and every sexual pose that it is saying to increase possibilities for conception and it didn’t work.  I started to panic of the thought that I wasn’t going to be a mom ever.


So we decided to get fertility help and I am so glad we did.  We went to the IVF clinic , and we realized that there are many people facing difficulties to conceive due to different factors, age, health and others.  We saw the pictures of parents with their babies, people who went through the process and got pregnant with a healthy baby.  We felt very excited and filled our minds with positive thoughts of that we were going to be parents.


The Dr. at the clinic explained the procedure to us in detailed, I also had bought several books previous to our visit to the clinic.  Reading about it helped me feel less nervous about expectations regarding the Clinic and the Drs. and to understand better the information I was receiving at the clinic.

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The books were very helpful and although they will tell you that IVF is not always effective, I stayed positive the entire time.  I was determine to get pregnant, I learned about the importance of choosing a good IVF Dr. and to understand the emotional challenges that we face undergoing an IVF treatment.


The first two times we tried IVF, we failed and I was devastated. I thought that all that effort and not  getting pregnant was unfair but I was strong and I continued focusing in that it didn’t happen yet but that it will next time.  Two more attempts and nothing changed, my Dr. started to suggest to be open to other alternatives including adoption.

I continued having my hopes up and focusing in the treatment, I am going to be a mom I said and it wasn’t the 5th but the 6th time that I got pregnant with ty twins.  Thanks to IVF and our strong positive attitude I have my boy and my girl who are today 8 years old.  I can’t be any happier having the family I always dreamed to have.

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